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By using conventional 'rock drilling' Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs), it would take decades to complete. Whereas using the more advanced TBMs, developed by Los Alamos Labs,  the construction costs would have been sharply reduced, the time required to build tunnels lessened, and the inherent dangers of loose rock tunneling avoided. (see the actual Los Alamos patents 1 , 2 , 3 ). 

The Army Corps granted permission to an  environmental assessment relied on skewed data from Energy Transfer Partners, according to attorney Carolyn Raffensperger. The assessment made alternatives to the pipeline, such as using railroads to move the oil, which sound costlier and it came to other conclusions that underestimated the environmental risks, said Raffensperger.

The album was originally released with alternative artwork, a second disc, a T-shirt , a sticker, and an electronic device that played sampled frog noises when the box was opened. The second disc contains a 30+ minute live track consisting of an unreleased song and the opening track from the studio disc. The track is bookended by two short edits of tracks from the studio disc. [8]

The most famous is the classical narrative of the Golem of Prague and Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel. To protect the Jewish population from antisemitic feeling in the seventeenth century. And depending on the story the golem turned on the rabbi and went into a violent rage, or fell in love and when he was rejected he flew into a rage. Each story ends the same way, the rabbi stops the golem (using one of the methods above) and stored the golem in the attic of the synagogue.

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Creation - Super Rock In The Highest VoltageCreation - Super Rock In The Highest VoltageCreation - Super Rock In The Highest VoltageCreation - Super Rock In The Highest Voltage