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The seven-string "Gypsy" guitar is tuned D-G-B-D-G-B-D, low to high, which produces an open G chord. Many Russian guitarists of an older generation who were not smitten by the Beatles in the 1960's still play the "old-style" seven-string guitars today. In the West, where seven-string guitars are far less common, a twelve-string instrument is often adapted for this kind of playing, with the first ten strings doubled up into five courses of two and the two lowest bass strings each treated as a single, separate course. Some classical guitarists have re-discovered the Russian seven-string classical guitar repertoire from the early 1800's. While modern seven-string electric guitars have become something of a fad recently, they are nothing really new.

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This dial is completely original and in, literally, almost mint condition. Its surface gleams brightly and is free from any signs of damage. The double minute track and very evocative art nouveau numerals are perfectly defined, as is the Omega emblem and brand name. Very desirably, also present is the name of the retailer that supplied the watch when new, “Elliot, Trafalgar Square, London”. Double-signed dials of this type are unusual and much sought after, and the presence of such an evocative jeweller’s name will add considerably to the value of this piece as it otherwise would have been in singly signed form. The starburst effect achieved by the patterning here is dramatic in the extreme, with light being thrown out from the dial centre point in what appear to be shafts that widen as they come closer to the outer edge. Because the guilloche dial is a hand made product, and every dial is therefore by definition unique, there is some variation in the overall visual appeal among watches of this type, with this one being among the most attractive that we have encountered in recent years.

From 2001 to 2013, Tomy produced the TL series targeted for the collector. These models are made with higher details, and one of their biggest features is realistic-looking wheels with rubberized plastic tyres . Although many of them are based on existing or discontinued regular Tomica models, some are new castings made exclusively for the TL line, namely, Nissan Skyline GTB, Toyoda AA, and new MINI Cooper . In the case of the new MINI Cooper, the model was first released for the TL series in 2004 but in 2006 included in the regular line as no. 43. Model numbers started at 0001. Each model is produced for a limited period of time, so models with smaller numbers are discontinued while new models with higher numbers continue to appear. These models are packaged in open cardboard boxes surrounded on four sides with a transparent plastic sleeve.

Various - Vintage Grooves - Old School Hip-Hop Volume 1Various - Vintage Grooves - Old School Hip-Hop Volume 1Various - Vintage Grooves - Old School Hip-Hop Volume 1Various - Vintage Grooves - Old School Hip-Hop Volume 1